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When we started this group almost 20 years ago, the music industry was a forest of monolithic corporate giants pushing people to make music that fit into easily digestible categories. We knew that we wanted no part of it, and that success or not, we would continue making music that made us happy. And so we began our lives as independent artists.

Now, with revenue streams dwindling in part due to streaming services, artists are forced to make hard decisions as to how they will continue forward in this post-purchasing environment. At the same time, multinational corporations are making both visible and covert attempts to sponsor events and artists in an effort to co-opt our culture and content - they want to buy us to sell products to you.

Nevertheless, we believe that we only answer to fans. And we know that we can not stop you from sharing or streaming our music. So instead of pandering to corporate interests to make ends meet - we believe you can help us make ends meet, and we can give back tenfold by staying in the studio and releasing more free content that you can enjoy and share. We can also use that money to help younger artists get exposure and studio time that they may not have been able to have. We can transition from selling individual music products to providing a musical service that is not bound by traditional industry rules.

Let's see what happens!!