We proudly present the second installment of our 10th album, The Getting’ Off Stage, Step 2 EP. While only 28 minutes in length, it represents hundreds of hours of work on our part. From the production and writing to the mixing and packaging, it truly has been a labor of love with minimal involvement from anyone outside of Mike and I.

And, because of the overwhelming support and love we have received over the years, we are proud to announce that not only is The Gettin’ Off Stage, Step 2 EP free, but we encourage you to share it as much as possible! Share it with your friends, share it online; let anyone who wants to hear it, hear it. And while we have no press people, advertising or hype, we have something better in all of you and your support. We know that you might pick up a CD, Tape or drop us a donation (click below) to help keep this movement rolling! No vinyl yet, but will be coming soon.

Most importantly, Mike and I hope you enjoy this second installment and truly thank you all for, once again, making the hardest part The Gettin’ Off Stage.

instant download link to share with your friends: http://media.pl70.net/PUTS-TGOS2.zip

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