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Instant Vintage '98 PUTS T-Shirt


What would a PUTS t-shirt bought 20 years ago the day The Next Step dropped feel like?

The crown jewel of the Spring release, this special design captures the vibe and feel of an original '98 P T-Shirt - if you still had it today.

To create instant vintage, this poly-cotton blend has been tumbled with ball bearings and other materials to accelerate the feel of an heirloom Band shirt resulting in the softest, slightly frayed, wonderfully broke-in shirt right out the box.  

As a result of our unique aging process, collars and seams will be naturally worn down, frayed and even ripped to create our desired instant vintage 1998 effect.

As always, our garment is made of local components, sweatshop free and printed here in LA by the good folks at Sunday Print Co in one hit, high quality, soft inks. 

In two colorways: 

  • Vintage Brown with Burnt Orange
  • Navy Blue with Fade White 

"This is the biggest leap for us yet. Some want a brand new shirt, which is rad. But if you've ever owned a vintage band shirt, you know the indescribable feel. I think we got it with this one. 1998 now and back to the future" - Thes One

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