The Legend Of The 40 Dogz Soundtrack (.Wav + High Res Mp3)


The Legend Of The 40 Dogz Soundtrack

The full 10 song soundtrack album of music made during the boat journey in original full resolution .wav files and high quality in-house converted MP3 320kbps. The only place on the internet to get the original files!

Featuring the work of Christopher "Thes One" Portugal (People Under The Stairs), Alex Newman (Giant Panda), and Jason P Bennett (Big Block Silvers).

  1. 40oz Theme - Thes One
  2. 2nd Wave - Alex Newman
  3. Low Tide - Jason P Bennett
  4. JailBreaks - Thes One
  5. NShore - Alex Newman
  6. The Journey - Jason P Bennett
  7. If You Doubt Me (Come & Try Me) - Thes One
  8. Sultans - Jason P Bennett
  9. Love (Will Never Cease) - Thes One
  10. Sail - Alex Newman
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